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Something about Ocean Color
To Contact us, call 800-219-8700 or email
After years of working in commercial photography, graphic design, and marketing, I started Ocean Color in 1995 to take advantage of new digital technology that made it possible to print large color images. I was captivated by the idea that color photos could be printed the size of a wall. Over the next few years, Ocean Color grew to include a full range of services and products for trade show exhibits and other promotional displays.

Thanks to customer referrals and the internet, by 2003, we had customers across the country and around the world. I created the map below in that year to show the growth. I didn't need to go to business school to learn the number one rule: Treat customers the way I would want to be treated, and I would want straight answers, fair pricing, and somebody paying attention to my unique circumstances. After that … of course quality. The kind of quality that comes from always striving to improve the techniques; from staying late to make the job a little better. It's not talent or rocket science; it's just hard work.

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Twenty years on, the industry and the market have changed. The small number of competitors we had a dozen years ago have grown to tens of thousands, most of whom don't actually produce anything themselves, but publish web sites with manufacturers' photos, selling display products with a small markup.
Ocean Color has become a smaller more specialized display company now, focusing on the light weight display solutions small companies prefer. We offer graphic design, display solutions, rollable prints up to 4 ft. by 8 ft. And we offer an excellent selection of banner stands. Many people call them roll up banners or pull-ups and so forth. Check out our specialized web site: We really prefer to do our own printing because that enables us to know for certain what our customers are getting. Some types of work we outsource to trusted partners with whom have had a good working relationship for years. Our partnerships enable us to provide just about any kind of display and any size… but this web site is dedicated to ideas for displays you can take with you.

Phil Dickinson

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