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Dye Sub Photo Mural Back Wall

Typical trade show booths have always involved some kind of wall, such as folding panels or the popular "popup curve" expanding frame with six rollable panels. They shipped in cases weighing from 80 to 150 pound for a ten-foot booth space. But why purchase and ship a ten-foot wall when one already exits at the back of your booth in the form of the ubiquitous "pipe and drape?" (illustration at right). Wouldn't it make sense to use the structure that is already in place when you arrive at your booth, rather than bring an additional structure with you?

Info Sheet

A Sensible Alternative

The illustration at left shows what you start with when you reserve a 10 ft. booth at a trade show or convention. There are exceptions, but this pipe and drape is universal and will be what you encounter at almost all venues.

If you didn't feel the need to attract attention or impress people, you could save a lot of money and just use the sign that identifies the booth space as yours.
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